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Valuation for IFRS purposes
Valuation of Business and Stocks
Valuation of Real Estate
Valuation of Equipment and Vehicles
Valuation of Intangible Assets
Valuation of Land Lots
Financial Due Diligence
Useful Information:

         The main field of our companys activity is expert (independent) valuation of properties, intangible assets, securities, and businesses.

         Expert evaluation in the company takes back to 1996.

         In 2005, as a part of the existing company, Price Consulting Limited Liability Company was founded with a representative office in Kiev.

         The company is performing valuation based on the current regulations such as : Ukrainian Law on Valuing Properties and Proprietary Rights and on Professional Valuation in Ukraine 2658-III dated 12.07.2001, National Standard #1 General Guidelines on Valuing Properties and Proprietary Rights, National Standard #2 Real Estate Valuation, National Standard #3 Valuation of Entire Property Complexes, Methodology of Leased Properties Valuation, Methodology of the Properties Valuation for Privatization Purposes, Methodology of Expert Etimated Cash Value of Land Lots.

         Among the companys client and partners there are large enterprises, banks, real estate agencies, and auditing firms.

         Today the company has a profound experience in the valuation of intangible assets of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership for determining a fair (market) value with the purpose of revaluation of the companies and enterprises balance items (in line with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards), as well as for determining the value of collateral for taking a loan, leased property value, privatization and other.

        Our close collaboration with auditing firms enables us to reevaluate the balance items of enterprises (in line with the International Accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards) with a high competency level and in line with the accounting records of the enterprises under valuation.

        Keeping in line with the legislation, responsible attitude to the undertaken obligations, and continuous thriving to professional development help our employees to fulfill their tasks with the highest level of efficiency.

        Since the company has started its operation, our employees have performed the valuation of various assets, such as:

• buildings and constructions,
• networks and communications,
• equipment,
• vehicles,
• computers and accessories.
• intangible assets (patents, licenses, rights of use),
• long-term investments, shares and shares in companies, shares and other securities,
• property rights accounts receivable.

        Expert (independent) valuation works are performed by qualified professional, certified by :

• Ukrainian Community of Valuers, State Property Fund of Ukraine, International Center of Privatization, Investment and Management;
• State committee on Land Resources of Ukraine;
• State Patent Bureau of Ukraine.

        Carrying out land appraisal carried out under the license::

        Land measuring works are performed by qualified professional based on the license:

        Goods and services trademark certificate #119875:

The company manager is Alexander Romasenko,

Phone: +38 (044) 240 33 16
              +38 (062) 216 67 10
              +38 (050) 326 67 10


Legal address: 23, M.Raskovoy Street, 02660, Kiev, Ukraine
Actual address: office 421, 21, P.Lumumby Street, 01042, Kiev, Ukraine

Phone / Fax: +38 (044) 240 33 16

The company also has offices in Dnipro, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Cherkassy.

         +38 (044) 2403316
         +38 (050) 4626528
         +38 (050) 3266710
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office 422, 21, John Paul II St., 01042, Kiev, Ukraine