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Useful Information:

        Valuation of real estate nowadays is one of the most popular types of expert (independent) valuation. It consists in estimating the value of different real properties.

        According to Para. 181 of the Civil Code of Ukraine real estate (real property, realty) includes land plots and properties located on those land plots and not capable of being moved without their further depreciation and change of function. Real estate concept implies all the rights, interests and profits ensued from the real property ownership.

        Today valuation is based on the National Valuation Standard #2, ratified by the Decree # 1442 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 28.10.2004.

        Valuation of real estate is applied to such properties as:
• industrial, cultural or social buildings, industrial complexes;
• residential houses, flats, rooms and other residential premises;
• office, warehouse and industrial premises;
• land plots, perennial plantings, such as gardens, parks, squares, reclaimed areas in horticultural and villatic communities;
• constructions roads, bridges, road approaches, reservoirs, fences, etc.
• properties under construction, including those with terminated construction

        Our company provides the services on all kinds of the real estate valuation.

        The purposes of the real estate valuation may be as follows:
• purchasing and sale;
• leasing;
• contribution to the authorized fund of the economic union;
• collateral;
• insurance;
• reevaluation of assets in accounting;
• other.

        When appraising real properties our experts use three basic valuation approaches:
• Cost approach. It is based on determining the property value via calculating the costs necessary for the property required for the reproduction or substitution of the premises or buildings under the valuation less depreciation plus the land plot market value;
• Sales comparison approach is based upon the comparison analysis of the similar properties sales.
• Income approach is based on the cash flows discounting or on the capitalization of the forecast income.

         The above approaches complement each other. They were developed as a result of a many years experience of domestic and foreign experts and now make up a theoretical basis for the valuation expertise.

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