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Useful Information:

         Intangible Assets (IA) constitute the part of the company assets that have value, but no material content. They are used in the economic turnover and capable of generating revenue. Based on their purpose and functions intangible assets can be divided into three main categories: the intellectual property, proprietary rights and deferred (capitalized) expenses.

         As a rule, the valuation of intangible assets is required for some particular purposes related to the usage of the intangible assets proprietary rights and is predetermined by the purpose of this usage.

        According to their economic nature, intangible assets are divided into three main categories:

    1) industrial property - such as patents on invention, patent on selection achievements, patent on industrial samples, trademark and service patents;
    2) copyright and allied rights such as works of science, literature, music, pictorial and other arts, software, data bases and micro schemes topologies;
    3) information classified as commercial secret such as knowhow, that is information of technical, financial or managerial nature generating or capable of generating revenue, experimental developments not protected by patents, design, construction, and technological paperwork.

        In most cases the valuation of intangible assets is carried out with the following purposes:

• intellectual property purchase and sale;
• concession of license for intellectual property usage;
• valuation of damage caused by the breach of intellectual property rights;
• contribution into charter capital;
• including intangible assets into the company balance sheet;
• business valuation;
• company privatization;
• company reorganization;
• changing financial statements.

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