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Useful Information:

        Valuation of equipment is one of the appraisal types comprising the valuation of movable property, such as computers, machine tools, devices, cars, technological complexes, manufacturing lines, power units, office equipment, household appliance, and other assets classified as movable property.

         Nowadays the appraisal is performed in line with the National Valuation Standard #1, ratified by the Decree #1440 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 10, 2003 and by the Guidelines on the Merchandizing Expertise and Valuation of Vehicles Ratified by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 24, 2003, #1074/8395.

        An independent expert valuation of machinery and equipment is often the only way to estimate an actual value of the company capital assets. Equipment is appraised by several methods, including those involving using specialized data bases on pricing and technical specifications.

        Vehicles Appraisal

        The main types of the vehicles appraisal are as follows:
• appraisal for sales and purchasing purposes;
• Appraisal for collateral purposes;
• reappraisal;
• appraisal for severance purposes.

        When appraising vehicles it is extremely important to consider the deterioration factor. In the majority of cases valuer has to deal with appraising the vehicles having different degree of both physical and functional deterioration. Basically, the car market is rather dynamic. It is causes by constant innovations and manufacturing of new models replacing the old ones. All these factors influencing the value of vehicles are considered by our experts in the process of valuation.

        The main purposes of the machinery and equipment appraisal are as follows:
• purchase and sale;
• alienation;
• collateral;
• sanation / liquidation of the company;
• insurance;
• financial planning: investment planning, making business plans;
• determining the ways of financing: purchasing or leasing of equipment;
• severance after partnerships dissolution.

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