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Useful Information:

        Lately, as the market relations have developed, the issue of the business and capital stock valuation is becoming more and more relevant. The market development and its diverse nature have made the question about the value of companies, enterprises, entire businesses or parts thereof, a purely practical matter.

         Today valuation is performed in line with the National Valuation Standard #1, ratified by the Decree # 1140 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 9, 2003 and by the National Standard #3 Valuation of entire Property Complexes ratified by the Decree # 1655 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 29, 2006.

         Business valuation - is the estimation of the companys value as that of an entire property complex capable of generating revenue for its owner. When carrying out an independent valuation one should estimate the value of all the companys assets, such as real estate, machinery and equipment, stock resources, financial investments, intangible assets. Apart from the above, one should separately estimate the companys efficiency, its past, present and future revenue, perspectives of development and competition on the current market. Afterwards, the company under valuation should be compared with similar companies. Real business value is determined based on such complex analysis as the value of the entire property complex capable of revenue generation.

         The company (business) valuation is necessary for the enhancement of the company management efficiency, substantiation of investment decision, and the company restructuring (liquidation, mergence, acquisition, separation, etc.).

        Below there are the most frequent cases when the business valuation is required:
• sale of business;
• sale of the business part or some assets;
• restructuring (mergence, separation, acquisition, etc.) and liquidation of the company, carried out either on its owners or arbitrage courts decision (if the company goes bankrupt);
• sales and purchasing of the companys capital stock on the stock exchange (purchasing the company or its part as a joint stock property);
• purchasing and sales of interest in authorized capital stock of partnership or limited liability company (share is estimated in money);
• company leasing;
• implementing a business development investment project;
• taking a loan secured on the company property (mortgage);
• insuring the companys assets;
• determining taxable income for calculation of the sum of tax for the company assets;
• reevaluation of fixed assets.

        The valuer takes into consideration all of the three above constituents to estimate the company market value based on the conventional approaches, such as cost approach, income approach, and comparison approach which altogether determine the most feasible value of the company as of an entire property complex.

        In case of any organizational and legal changes of your company structure we will help you to find the most optimal solutions both from economical and legal perspectives. In case of the business liquidation and sale of its assets, which used to make up an entire industrial complex before, our professionals will offer you the best way of the assets division that will make your losses minimal.

        Our qualified valuers will estimate the market value of business, which is the value as that of an entire complex capable of generating revenue. Then they will determine the market value of the company and afterwards - estimate all of its assets as independent properties. Comparing the results obtained via these two approaches will produce real economic indices required for taking accurate managerial decisions.

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