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Financial Due Diligence
Useful Information:

         Due Diligence is a term used to define an investigation of business according to the Customers assignment which determines the scope of the work to be completed.

         The assignments may vary by the scope and the aspects of the investigation to be carried out.

        The major types of the due diligence are as follows:
• general;
• financial;
• tax;
• legal;
• commercial;
• market.

         Price Consulting Company is specializing in financial due diligence, the main goal of which is the estimation of the current company position, the examination of its assets from the perspectives of their appraisal probability and existence of unlisted obligations which can lead to the deterioration of the companys financial position in future.

         Financial due diligence is carried out for the purposes of the companies acquisitions during their privatization or with the purpose of acquiring in the secondary market the enterprises that have been privatized before, as well as with the purposes of merging the companies, firms or banks, for Initial Public Offering or for the companies reacquisition by management. Carrying out Due Diligence may involve banker to verify the customers solvency.

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